Once committed to the WhollyLife, this simple DQ replacement reigns Queen!

REALity  of a medium Dairy Queen Strawberry Sundae treat:
DQ tells us there are only 350 calories, but as your WhollyWorld tour guide I gotta tell ya:
The Wholly truth = 884 calories
1 DQ strawberry sundae per week = 1 pound per month
1 pound per month = 12 pounds per year

Smiles to your new, SIMPLE and sweet treat. Thank you for the life lessons DQ, but eat your heart out!

Gluten-Free | Vegetarian | Vegan | Dairy Free



1/2 cup of organic cultured almond yogourt
andful of local fresh blueberries
2nd handful of fresh organic strawberries
sprinkle in your hearts of hulled hemp
toss in some slivered to perfection almonds
top off your cup of your Sweet Sundae with cinnamon dust

Post a photo and hashtag #makelovetoyourlife so we can celebrate your wholliness in our community.

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