Q:What sets you apart from every other fitness website or lifestyle program out there?

Aside from having zero swagger in a bathing suit and needing straight up Malibu rum before a photo-shoot, I am super confident in my KNOWLEDGE, passion and practice in health and fitness.  I may not run the track in my sports bra to prove myself, but I choreograph pretty mean lifestyle plans and fitness programs for humans that want to FEEL and look unreal!

Q: What is a Holistic Nutritionist?

The plain ol’ title “Nutritionist” is not actually a regulated term. For peace of mind, you must ensure that the Nutritionist or Nutrition Program you are purchasing or seeking guidance from is certified and registered [CNP or RHN]. I am incredibly anal about who provides and sells meal plans & fitness advice.  I am super proud of your friend or Instagram account that has a bangin’ body is awesome … just may not be the entire legit truth or best lifestyle choices for you! 

Seriously, please be sure the program or information you follow is created, updated and sold by an educated professional. Aaaaaand to now answer your question: a Holistic Nutritionist is an educated lover of life that studied the who, the why, the what, and the how surrounding the trendy buzz around diets, lifestyles, environments, and spiritual beings. It is a Holistic Nutritionist's joy and job to guide you in the healthy direction when it comes to the information online or in published materials. RHN’s or CNP’s are qualified, certified, and continually educated to choreograph specific lifestyle plans for all humans as individuals or as a whole.

Q: Which of the following diets are you most impressed with: gluten-free, dairy free, paleo, vegetarian, or vegan?

I am impressed when a lover is able to say they do not have any stomach aches, bloating, unwanted weight gain, unwanted weight loss or headaches … But as far as being impressed with any of the above diets, I’m just totally not. For me, food-LOVE is all about what your body responds to not the source it feeds from. Not one categorized diet stands out as the ULTIMATE diet, but some of their specific traits deserve much praise for making love to our human bodies. 

Q: How long did it take you to wear whatever you wanted on any given day?

Ahhhhh…this question so resonates with me!! A REALLY L O N G time! I used to have to do 5 days of cardio before slipping on a pair of jeans to make them fit just right.  Or bust my balls for 2 weeks pre-bikini vacation. Now I can honestly say I am ready for anything and most importantly COMFORTABLE in all outfits at any time!

Q: When is it best to do cardio?

Whenever your sweet ass feels like it! If 10pm strikes and you’re feeling motivated, GO for it! That is what’s best for your body! If 4am is your wake-up call, amen to you! A 4am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, or 10pm sweat session is amazing.  Whenever it happens, make love to that moment!

Q: Oh ok ok! So is cardio best before or after weights?

NOPE! Again, when you get it done, that time was/is best! We talk ourselves out of great workouts and life moments by trying to follow rules!

I want every lover to STOP over-thinking every bite, movement, and timing of events, and just do it!

Q: What's your favourite thing in the world?

LOVE.  Love for my handsome husband lover. Love for our kiddos. Family love. Career love.  Love for creating. Love for fashion and design. Love of XL track pants. Love is my favourite thing in the whole world.

Q: What is your number one Wholly tip?

Consistency.  Whatever it is that’s going on for every brand new 24 hours, consistency is clutch!!! For your body’s wholliness to be at its greatest, consistency must be present.  When you have practiced consistency, even for a short while, watch your entire world transform into a rainbow. If your consistency is to have a treat every single day at 2pm, I would match that constant treat with an every single day 18-minute sprint routine.  Sounds like too much work?! Just ask your insides how much work it is to digest and make sure that treat doesn’t turn into fat every single day?!

Choose consistency, regardless of how “busy” and “full” your days are and with consistency present you are going to have one Wholly, sexy life!

Q: Your life seems pretty amazing. Are you always this positive? Was life always this good for you?

[Laughs] Well, thank you. It’s pretty friggin’ awesome!  I guess I legit do make love to my life! But if you're asking if I shit rainbows all day, every single day … absolutely not.  I can find crumminess on a daily basis, but it serves me zero to do so. I can thank my love for love and for my wrinkly, happy eyes and the amazing humans in my world for my huger than life, life!

Q: Ok, what is your second best Wholly tip?

No “Day Ones" or no “I’ll start Monday” proclamations.  With these kinds of qualifications and "not-until" dates for success, we give ourselves permission to treat our bodies unfairly and we pretend like those calories or lack of self-love doesn’t count “until Monday”. I always remind myself that repeating the same action and expecting different results is insanity and it creates the worst fogginess in our worlds. If you’ve been using the same “I’ll start Monday” since you were 18years old, and you’re now 35 … It’s NOT working! And I promise you it's not ALL of a sudden going to change THIS Monday!!!

Q: What's your favourite sweat outfit?

lululemon tights + extra large track pants over top + extra tight lululemon sports bra + tank or ripped T + zippy + any sneakers depending on the sweat session.

Q: How many hours of sleep do you get?

F*** not enough! But right now, life is too sweet to sleep and it works for me.

Q: Does that not go against all Holistic habits and health rules?

Ya, for sure I do not get enough sleep that my fellow Wholly practitioners would recommend. But for me, for now, my lack of zzz's are consistent and I’m thriving in our full life. Don’t worry, though. If I am in need of a naked nap, I’m not too shy to take one!

Q: Are you going to have babies? If so, are you afraid of losing the body you have?

Oh jeez! Well, I will say, if we have more babies you will be the first to know [winking].

But oh man, no no no I am not worried about losing any kind of body that I have.  I know lots of mommas that have been pregnant, more than once, and have sexier, more bangin’ bodies than before!  My weight has fluctuated lots of times in the past (chubby, chubbier, chubbiest); I have experienced wild cravings (addictions); I’ve survived a busier than busy schedule; my skin has been stretched; my boobs have deflated; and all of those amazing happenings that come with pregnancy. Once having a precious babe I have also heard, and feel in my heart, that my first 82 worries in the day wouldn’t be how to get my post-pregnancy body back. I have worked my tail off for the tail I have now and I would listen to my body to do that all over again.

Q: So your boobs are real?

[Laughs] You really went for that one huh?! Yes my girls are real! And if I didn't have such awesome support I could drop 'em like it's hot! So yes they are real.

Q: How do you get your husband and kiddos to eat so healthy all the time?

Ummmm … I don’t! [Laughs] None of us eat sparkling clean ALL the time! THAT’S what makes us so wholly.  Had our kids not already had specific habits, or pallets before I became a part of their life, I may have a more wholly approach to EVERY meal and definitely would have pushed the no microwave situation on them a little more.  But what makes them happy, keeps them healthy, IN MODERATION.  As for my handsome hubby, he will eat any food I make and say it was the most delicious thing he’s ever tried, every time.  That gorgeous man makes wholly living easy-squeezey and soooo enjoyable!

Q: You must have bad days where not even love can conquer all?

There are MOMENTS in days, yes.  But an entire day? No way.  That’s what great friends are for. That’s what kiddo hugs are for. That’s what yoga is for … that’s why I love love so much. It sometimes takes a few extra hours to find, but there’s always a rainbow lining.

I can’t afford to have a 24 hour bad day.  Too much life to live and too much success to be had!

Q: Do you ever just take a naked nap?

Of course! Just like a naked nap, I take it when I need it.

There are very few things I need a break from.

Q: What is yoga?

For me, yoga is peace. Yoga is my thoughts. Every practice, it blows my mind.

Q: How do you keep such a clean house?

My perfect man and our shared OCD! [Laughing]

Q: What inspires you?

My life. My world. I am HUGE on surroundings. Humans, home, music, style, social media, followings, thoughts … All these surroundings become happenings which become life.  So for me, my inspiration has got to be the daily life I live, as I don’t have time for much else to sneak in and muck things up!

Q: What do you hate?

Not to sound like I'm full of shit... but I don't roll with those words. Saying I “hate” if it slips out, I must be really over it! With that said, comparison and imitation are nasty vibrations to me.

Q: What has been your biggest lesson in life?

If you want something out of, in, or from life, DIG DEEP.  I find if I repeat an action that goes against what I say I want or a goal - I MUST ask myself: Jillian, what role does your ego play in this? Why do you want this?

Q: What can’t you live without?

Love. Mascara. Magazines. Kisses. Cuddles.

Q: What would be your favourite vacation?

An all-naked-all-the-time with my JLove.


Rent a home for a month for all of my favourite humans to come relax, visit, eat and laugh with. I will be fully clothed on this vacation. :)

Q: Do you believe in detoxes?

Love ‘em when they are short-term, full of knowledge and monthly. I’m not a fan of the once-a-year, aggressive programs.

Q: What is something that holds you back?

Comparison.  Any time I’m in a funk, delayed my own success, or have a head full of bad juju, it has to do with comparison.

Questions are from the hearts of Jillian’s clients, community, emails, and social media followers:

Thank you for all your wicked questions, guys! I appreciate your honesty and curiosity. Smiles!