Sugar Is Seriously So Shitty

I used to make sweet sweet love to $10.00 sacks of .05 cent candy from Bulk Barn.

My girlfriend and I, in university, convinced ourselves that the “Candy Diet” was a brilliant idea and that this no-fat-diet was the secret to a wicked body, without sacrificing delicious food!  Yep AND we were Kin and Health Science majors. Brilliant.

Our poor little sugar-addicted brains didn’t know just how brutal that solution to a careless diet with a killer body really was. And as a life health coach I would love to say that that is disgusting, so unhealthy, so unwholly, and so stupid - but really, on a weak day, I still find myself plotting how one can survive and still maintain a banging body on such junk. Ya know those dumb days when you meet the bombshell girlfriend of your buddy, and she does nothing but drink copious amounts of alcohol and eats shitty food all while maintaining her TEN of a body strung in an itty-bitty bikini. Some moments on those days welcome back my ill-ego mind.  That silly mind filled with the thought that image is everything.  That mind that could give two shits about what our digestive system functions like if my body is bangin in a strappy sexy bikini. Yes, that unwholly thought process still happens to me once in a while. But once I think about the positive juju I want to genuinely give and get out of life, those dumbo, sugarland, hot-body-on-the-outside-rotting-on-the-inside daydreams, DO go away.  And thankfully I have taken the time to coach myself to that wicked juju place and kick that vain-filled health-smealth lifestyle to the trash.

It is 100% a struggle to say no to a sweet treat made with this white cancerous confetti. I totally get that. And yes, once in a while, when one of our kiddos bake a treat, sans our help, this kind of sugary gift requires a bite or a shared portion. But now I know how crazy important it is to feed our bodies with strong, nutrient rich foods, ESPECIALLY when we have ingested some less than valuable junk.  Sometimes those sugary treats are a part of living a life of love.  When a treat is presented by our kiddos served with an ear to ear smile, we now just ensure it is always followed up with a GreenBelly, 10 bathroom visits worth of water, and squeezes of lemon to help aid our digestive systems in the detoxing process.


All vanity aside, with a fat stomach being the least of our worries, this white cancerous confetti is a tough tough tough daily craving to fight, and none of us are alone! All of those famous Instagram fitness idols fight it.  The celebrities, the models, your personal trainer, your yogi … ALL have a vice that involves this great white killer. We all are drawn into the sugar spell within two bites.  I just now have made it my job, literally 80% of my career is now made up of coaching amazing, worthwhile humans to drop the binging and crush the shitty sugar addiction.

Fruit does not make us fat. The cupcake from the person who told you not to eat fruit, makes you fat!

There are more than 200 kinds of added sugars in our eats. Some are totally awesome sweeteners that I use on a daily bases:

  • Maple Syrup
  • Coconut Sugar
  • Sucanant
  • Dates
  • Honey
  • Fruit

Some of these other sweeteners, listed below, are friggin terrorists to your health, and ultimately killers to a life you dream of. You may think that sounds a smidge dramatic, but white sugar in leads to wicked mood murder, flabby skin, damaged hearts, inflammation, poor food choices, and proven over and over and over again via our negative self-talk-post-sugar-intake, a glow-less life.

So all this white sugar shit, causes inflammation.
Inflammation causes disease.
Disease kills our glow.
Our glow is our vibe on life.
Life is ours to make love to.
Make love to your life, sans the white sugary shit.

P.S. Cinnamon is a wicked anti-inflammatory wholly sprinkling sweetener that promote ease in being and is our blood sugars [aka Craving-Makers] best friend.

I love your life, my sweet friend.  Your organs thank you for learning more about what kills their home and your gorgeous soul.

Love Jillian