We are what we eat yes?! And how important is it to know ourselves, and check ourselves before we wreck ourselves?! VERY! Well, I believe our eats is the same way. If we are what we eat, which I firmly believe we are, we gotta know all their is to know about our food. 

Especially when it comes to purchasing, preparation and my favourite, promoting to our friends.  I did not include fruit, gluten, nut milks, or sweeteners in this particular blog cause we just don't have all day, ya know?! But at least I feel a smooch better about you knowing a smooch more about these amazing plant-based eats! 

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Enjoy and chew well, food lovers!


These grains are actually seeds! Pseudograins are commonly referred to as “grains”, but when we get down and dirty with the science of food, they are actually seeds! **Nerd alert!** Another cool reason why we separate these seed-to-grain into their own unpronounceable category is because they are GLUTEN-FREE, flyin' high in protein and loaded with fiber VERSUS other grains.



ALWAYS buy organic!!
Why? Non-organic canned beans contain bisphenol [BPA], low quality eats, and preservatives [which is stored in canned goods as “salt”].

BPA = Plastic contaminants in our canned goods. The inside of canned foods are lined with BPA to keep them, well … “fresh”. Now, I know you would never eat a balloon or syran wrap cause that would be disgusting.
But every single canned good we pry open = plastic. That just stresses me out.
Kinda like margarine = plastic. If you only change one thing and one thing only about your diet, get rid of margarine! Don't even finish the container. Throw it out!


LOVE NOTE: This is NOT to scare you! Well the margarin thing is to scare you, yes. But re-canned beans: I just wanna educate you on laying low on the Non-Organic canned foods and if you are in need of some food in a jiffy, go for the Organic canned eats!


I am sure you know tons and tons there is to know about this gluten-free, protein-packed, fiber-full, vitamin B-baller, mineral-rich pseudograin. But did you know quinoa is covered with a natural coating called saponi. This coating is the powder residue covering the nutrient-rich seed. We must rinse our quinoa super well prior to cooking. Even better, soak your quinoa in water over night, rinse well, then cook the sexy seeds for maximum ease-in-digestion.


4. Legumes, Lentils and Beans, OH MY!

Legumes = Lentils, split peas, and beans.

Lentils = Wikipedia says it best: “The lentil is an edible pulse”. These seeds come in yellow, orange, red, green, brown and black colours. Their nutritional protein per calorie count is one of the highest of all legumes, losing to soybeans - which I personally do not have a love affair with, so firsts-the-worst, seconds-the-best in my books!

Beans = Kidney, adzuki, garbanzo [chickpea], pinto, black, black-eyed, and navy beans are all scrumptious, nutritious and all a huge part of our plant-based lifestyle.

LOVE NOTE: Split peas are exactly that! A yellow or green pea, literally, split in half. They are VERY often confused or mistaken with lentils. So, if you don’t know, now you know. [Yep, Notorious B-I-G just came out].


The permission is an orangey coloured berry that is unfairly unpopular [but saves more for me]! This seriously delicious tomato-like fruit can be eaten fresh, dried or cooked. Persimmons have gorgeous amounts of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, vitamin C, iron and potassium. All of these gorgeous qualities produce a sparkling glow, ageless skin, and ease-in-being. I invite you to fall in love with another one of natures sweeteners.



This anti-inflammatory, buttery tasting, powerfood is all that, and dairy-free! Ghee is super high in vitamin A and E, each of them providing us with a stronger immune system, high cell vibes, cell growth, and a wicked immune system. You can make your own ghee at home or purchase at a farmers market.

LOVE NOTE: Always be-friend your local market farmers. They’ve got the goods and they are happy to teach you all about their product. If you find a bit of a grump in the bunch, you most likely won’t like their process or product anyways! So just smile and move on ;)))

Mrs. Soupy

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