Having the best nutrients to put in my body helps me be at my best to achieve my optimal performance each and every day, while realizing how important Healthy Living really is.

Jillian's GreenBelly blends help me everyday before performing by giving me that fullness of a meal and the energy that is required to what I do on and off the ice. I've also been lucky enough to have worked with Jillian off the ice in both a private and group yoga setting. Jillian's skills are clearly above and beyond any standard I've been use too.  Having the background of a brother who has played professional hockey, she knows what an athlete needs to stay healthy energized. Thanks to her I feel I am on my game every day!

Niki Petti


“B & T heart jillian” … I’d like to share a few facts about my personal fitness trainer, Jillian Raycroft.

Fact #1: Jillian is the consummate professional. Focus. Jillian has tremendous focus. She wants to know you. She wants to know where you are now and where you want to go. Knowing her clients well, helps Jillian focus on what you need. Understanding how best to help you achieve is just one of her many attributes. The one that really separates her from all the others is that she cares deeply about your success.

Fact #2: Jillian is very good at what she does. Thanks to her ever-changing, always personalized, and very effective workouts, I’m now 52 years old and in the best shape of my life. Highly trained and experienced, Jillian understands the nuances of fitness training. Her coaching helps you get the very best out of each exercise, which in turn, does more for you and your health. She’s also accredited to advise you in so many areas of good healthy living.

Fact #3: Jillian is someone you simply need to meet! She’s very warm and personable. You like her immediately! Very quickly you’ll realize that this is someone who can help you; someone who will make a difference for your life and health. She did for me. At first, it was about doing what was best FOR myself; then it became realizing what was best ABOUT myself.


I’m not sure if I have ever met a more positive, caring, and dedicated individual.

Jill is an absolutely amazing fitness guru. She is so knowledgeable in fitness and nutrition and is able to motivate and push a person to be a better version of himself/herself. I love to get my butt kicked and Jill can do just that…always with a smile and positive words! She’s the kind of person you want to be like, and she’s the kind of person who makes you hold yourself personally accountable for your own progress – she is there to help you succeed. You want to succeed when you are with her and you will naturally push yourself because of the support she shows you. Everyday it’s something new and fresh, and, of course, she always has great beats to keep you motivated through your workout. I’m so proud of Jill and the alive andstrong community she is building. It’s amazing to see what a vision, hard work, dedication and smiles can create! LOVE YOU JILL!


Jillian has become a very important part of my life.

She has become that little angel who sits on my shoulder, motivating me to do the right thing, and the majority of the time she beats out the little devil on the opposite should trying to guide me in another direction. You have taught me so much about personal health, dedication, and fitness. Thank you, Jillian, for being such a positive light in my life.



I just wanted to take a moment to write you a little note to let you know how happy and proud I am to have you in my life.

We first met in 2008 when I moved here and I took your Bride-to-Be Fit class. Since then, and now that you have your own studio, I have continued to take your group classes. You have been in my life through weddings, injuries, bathing suit seasons, pregnancy, and most recently: post-pregnancy.

Although I have always seen you in a “class setting,” I still feel like you give me the personal attention I need. One of my favourite things about coming to your class is that I never know what exercises to expect. I know I’m going to have a good time, I know I’m going to sweat, but I don’t know exactly how that’s going to happen – for me, that’s great! You change things up so that working out isn’t mundane, and by doing that you keep me motivated and happily coming back each week. Your positive attitude and encouragements get me through the tough moves, and give me the courage to try new things and always push myself harder.

I’ve never been too focused on my weight, but coming back from having the baby and recovering from my C-section I thought that I should have some sort of target in mind. Once I came back to you though, I realized that seeing you is more than just being focused on losing baby weight. Coming to you makes me feel good about my body again – that is worth more than fitting into any dress, or looking good in a bikini. Working with you makes me feel good in my own skin, and, for me, that’s priceless!

I thank you for being in my life, for keeping me positive, and for just being you. You’re awesome!

I’m so proud to know you.



Jillian has such an incredible amount of positive energy, it becomes infectious.

She doesn’t accept “I can’t” in a class because she truly believes and supports the idea that “I’ll try” can be transformed into “I can!”


I’ve been attending boot camps [camp strong] and doing personal training with Jillian and I am really comfortable when I get to work with her.

Her personality is always upbeat and happy (much like my own) and it’s nice to mesh well with someone like that. She works hard to provide you with a good variety of fitness levels and wants to see you do well. She will challenge your ability and motivate you in a positive way. I am pleased that she is able to offer classes early in the afternoon for people who are done work early and still have kids in daycare. Her place is always so clean and being able to shower and use her facilities after a workout is a bonus. Thank you for all your effort in providing some mental and physical health and wellness!



I am an over 40, morbidly obese woman with a long history of not giving myself time, or attention, and my health was seriously beginning to suffer.

I met Jillian over a year ago, and decided to take a chance. I have gained so much in that time: self esteem and strength in both my soul and my body. Jillian is the kind of person who doesn’t judge anyone, and is always willing to work with you without pushing you so hard you want to quit. I couldn’t walk around the block without feeling like I was going to have a heart attack before I started working with Jillian. With her guidance and training, I haven’t felt this strong since I was a teenager. She has personalized my nutrition, encouraged me to push myself in the gym, and I am well on my way to meeting my goal of a healthy lifestyle. Without Jillian, I would still be lost, reading magazines, trying to figure out which one was the right one. I know that with Jillian in my court, I will reach my ultimate weight and health goals by the end of the coming year. Thanks Jill….you truly saved my life!


I have been working with Jillian for about 4 years.

I originally joined her Bride-to-Be Fit class to get in shape and feel my best for my destination wedding. I had always worked out at the gym, went through the motions and never really saw any results. Once I started working with Jillian I was hooked. Every time I go to see her I never know what to expect. She is so creative with the weights and machines; she keeps the workout interesting and fun. You leave sweaty and wanting more. I was never really that interested working out…but now, going to one of Jillian’s classes is something I look forward to. I know I am going to have an awesome workout in a fun atmosphere. I love Jillian! She has helped me achieve my goals, has taught me how to make better choices, and has encouraged me to always be my best.

“This is why I’m hot” :)


Since working with Jillian Raycroft my confidence has grown so much with the encouragement and dedication from Jillian.

She has never given up on me and has always encouraged me to believe in myself and what I can do. Jillian is extremely outgoing and an overall wonderful person. I am happy to say she has become a great friend and an amazing trainer.



Why I love to train at alive andstrong…

#1: Results, Results, Results! I have been able to achieve more results working out with Jillian twice a week, than I did for years spending countless hours in the gym working out on my own. She understands the female body and knows how to effectively plan a workout to maximize results and target the trouble areas we all wish were gone!

#2: JILLIAN ☺ – inspiring, motivating, caring, kind, encouraging, hilarious…that list could go on forever!! Jillian lives and breathes what she preaches to us in her gym and it’s impossible for her infectious positive attitude to not rub off on you! No matter what your goal, Jillian meets it with an “Okay Friend…let’s do it” attitude. I guarantee you will leave her gym with a smile on your face!

#3: Environment – the alive andstrong space is the ideal place to get your sweat on! It’s open, organized, egoless, and fun. There isn’t a better feeling than being in the studio with the music pumping, the garage door open to expose the rising sun, and you getting your butt kicked to start the day.


I have believed in fitness my entire life.

I jog, rollerblade, horse back ride and just simply love the outdoors. I always knew I was doing really good things for my “continued” good health!!! Well, I am now 50 and thrilled that I was introduced to Jillian just over a year ago. She has taken me from being a fit 50 year-old jogger to an ALL OVER fit 50 year-old who is capable of a higher level of fitness than I ever dreamed of!!! My running has improved so much and my core and upper body strength still amazes me! I simply could NOT imagine NOT having her amazing personality, her ability to get the very best out of you, her incredible sense of humor, her choice of music, her incredible knowledge about fitness and nutrition, in my life now. If I could introduce Jillian and her business to everyone, I would. I feel strong, healthy, and I love the time I spend in Jillian’s amazing studio. Her spunky personality and her innate ability to help others have made such a difference in my life. Thanks Jillian!


Jillian is professional and knowledgeable in fitness training, instruction, and nutrition.

The studio is quaint, well-equipped, and provides a welcoming environment. Jillian’s introduction to the different components of the multi-functional equipment lends itself to a new experience every week. My workout includes a group of up to 10 women and we each receive personal attention from Jillian. Jillian challenges us, and is creative in instructing us to exceed our own expectations – all the while recognizing our limitations. I love my workout and the time spent with Jillian. She’s fulfilling her entrepreneurial dream and I am benefiting from it. What more could you ask for?!



I struggle with guilt. I feel guilty if I miss a workout, I feel guilty if I eat something “unhealthy,” and I feel guilty about feeling guilty.

When I am in Jillian’s studio on Monday nights listening to and learning from her, I feel empowered and proud of what I can accomplish. Working with her is such a positive privilege. She inspires me. She makes me want to work harder and push myself when I swear I am at my limit. Every single time I walk away from her studio I feel good – if not amazing – and I take that feeling with me.

So, if you are thinking about joining… STOP…there is nothing to think about! Jillian is a true gem – she’s my unsung hero!


I love working with Jillian because of her enthusiasm and knowledge.

She uses a wide variety of equipment and functional movements to push me beyond where I would push myself. In the last 8 months, I have increased my muscle mass, stability, balance and have dropped 10 lbs, all of which is important to me as I get older and continue to run recreationally.

Sandy Musson, Tri & Run Sports

I have trained with Jillian for years now, and I can honestly say, we’ve never done the same workout twice!

It is never boring, always challenging, and I feel completely confident that Jillian will keep me fit for years to come. The recommendation to train with Jillian came from another trainer who has a great deal of respect for her education, ability and outgoing personality. I had back surgery a few years ago, and I know that Jillian is not going to let me hurt myself. She doesn’t buy it when I say “it hurts” ;o) It’s easy to stay motivated with a great trainer like Jillian.



Jillian’s boot camp [camp strong] is the only exercise class that I’ve enjoyed in a long while, and consequently, I’ve been sticking with it.

I love that it is always different. In 10 months, I can’t say that the circuit has ever been the same. It’s a fabulous workout that tests strength and endurance. In addition to the variety, Jillian’s sunny disposition somehow makes these difficult workouts seem okay. Her positivity and smile are encouraging and make you want to try harder. As for the studio – it’s beautiful! It’s a great space to be in and I love doing my workouts there.

Jillian possesses a wealth of knowledge related to health and fitness and is always able to answer questions or just share tidbits of information. She also has a library of interesting books that she’s willing to share.

Jillian has helped me get back into a small fitness routine that I actually look forward to. I would recommend her expertise to anyone!


Jillian Raycroft has the type of energy and enthusiasm that everyone should have around them on a daily basis.

Jillian has given me the motivation to look at myself as a whole: fitness, overall health, and wellbeing. The studio is a comfortable environment with people of all abilities. I was nervous about my first visit because of the total absence of any fitness routine in my life. Jillian was very supportive (as well as the other members in camp strong). All classes are full of great positive energy, and awesome people. I am happy to have found such an amazing group. Jillian has so much to offer to Belleville residents. She is a very intelligent and creative person. I have a feeling we will see many amazing, life- changing ideas from her in the future.

Barb Matteucci

When it comes to choosing a personal trainer, there are so many out there that it can be a tough decision.

Training with Jillian was not a tough decision; it was the best decision. Not one to love exercise, I became an expert at excuses, always finding a reason why I couldn’t put in time at the gym. Now that I am a new mother, the excuses are even more readily available. I can honestly say that when it comes to working out with Jillian, I don’t even bother thinking of excuses. I take my “me” time and I go. In fact, I find myself looking forward to my workouts with her. I consider Jillian to be not just a personal trainer for the body, but also for your mind and spirit. She constantly gives you tips and strategies to help you improve your health and your lifestyle. Her quiet confidence and endless enthusiasm are infectious. You feel uplifted and inspired simply by being around her. I cannot say enough good things about the quality of her character. I hope that Jillian is a part of my “me” time for many years to come!



Working out with Jillian has been amazing!

Her classes push me to limits I didn’t know I had and I leave our one-on-one sessions with sore muscles I didn’t even realized I worked! She has a way of just handing over an extremely heavy weight and describing a crazy exercise, that makes it seem so “doable” that I don’t even think about not being able to pull it off! Her positive attitude and love for fitness/health make being around her so enjoyable. Just talking to her makes you want to find the positive note in your own day and find a passion for something that can make you as driven and committed to something as she is to both her own and her clients’ well-being.


One word comes to mind when I think of Jillian Raycroft: Inspirational.

She makes you want to be a better person in all avenues of your life. Her dedication to her career, clients, and lifestyle is inspiring to witness. Even in a class of 10 people, she always finds a way to encourage you personally and somehow makes you feel as though it is a one-on-one session. Jillian always makes the time, which is often hard to find these days. She has such a positive personality and a very caring, kind and compassionate heart, it’s contagious. I love starting my week off with a great alive andstrong workout. It energizes me for the rest of the week and motivates me to keep up with my workouts throughout the week. Jillian is so passionate about health and fitness, you can’t help but want to learn more and push your body to limits you never thought you could reach (but she always knew you could).


Everyone hates working out. Okay, maybe not everyone, but I would guess the majority of people are not thrilled with the thought of sweating it out.

Instead, like me, most probably prefer to be at home with a big glass of Merlot, watching episodes of Survivor.

For me, embracing a healthy lifestyle has been a challenge on many levels. I struggle to find the time, energy, and motivation to hit the gym. I find it difficult to make the right food (and drink) choices daily. But, amidst all these internal struggles, Jillian has been there to guide and support me every step of the way.

Jillian is a great trainer, coach, and friend. Whenever we are working out in her studio, she is supportive and encouraging. But more importantly, she pushes me to test my limits. Every time I step into her studio, I know that I am going to have to work hard because Jillian will accept no less than my best effort.

Outside of the gym, Jillian also provides direction on nutrition. From sharing 30 Days of Recipes to passing out samples of protein shakes, her dedication to an active, healthy lifestyle is evident in everything she does.

I would highly recommend Jillian and alive andstrong to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.



I would highly recommend Jillian for any workshops you want to host.

With Jillian’s realistic approach on the way an athlete should eat, our competitive dancers now have the tools to live a long and successful life. If I could bottle up inspiration, it would, no doubt, be Jillian.