Confused about essential oils?!

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Intimidated to ask questions without signing your life away?

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… then I reduced my use of chemicals in our home
… then I slowly changed my beauty regimen
… then I decided to educate myself
… then we had a baby
… then I realized the true ESSENTIAL side of oils 



… I help those who are right where I was
… I encourage easy lifestyle habits
… I put the DO-IT in those stinkin’ Pinterest DIY

Join me to elevate your health, understand oils, and use every last drop of these magical bottles daily. I am here to make it simple and easy for you.

I went from having the oils sit in my cupboard for 6 months without evening opening them to using the entire set of Starter Kit oils up to 30 times a day without even thinking about it.


If you have absolutely zero interest in selling, amen to that!

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Essential Rewards = “see I told you there’s always a catch!”

No no no. I promise. It’s just a brilliant program that rewards us frequent monthly oil buyers.

Which PS. I do not have an unlimited budget for these EO. I budget and strategize my needs and wants each month to not only elevate my health, but also earn free product. If you’re not sure don’t join the rewards program or email me for more info.

If you need a few more details and questions answered, feel free to email me.

Laaaaastly, if you are ready to grow your household income that’s a whole other exciting can of worms, so just email me and we can get you started :)

PS. After oodles of questions and experimenting, Young Living proved to be elite.

Young Living is a leader in essential oils and has established itself as a quality brand over the last 20 years. I have confidence knowing how the oils are grown, harvested, distilled and bottled through the company’s Seed To Seal guarantee.