Breakfast Soup

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4 cups water | preferrably filtered but don't stress
4 cups hearty vegetable broth
4 cups mixed beans | I always add majority navy beans I'm a fan!
2 cups steel cut oats
20 "don't worry you won't even notice them" Brussels sprouts | chopped finely
1 whole tear jerkin onion | sliced into skinny rings and halved
1/2 cup Canadian maple syrup
1 T vanilla extract
1 T coconut oil
sprinkle as much or as little cinnamon as you choose

Method of Love

  1. Boil 4 cups of water on stove top. Once boiling, add the 2 cups of strength of steel oats, while turning the heat down a bit, and let cook for 7-12 minutes.

  2. During those 7-12 minutes, sautee Brussels sprout shavings and onions in 1 T of coconut oil. Let these nutrient rich veggies soak up the heat until the 7-12 minute oat soaking is finished.

  3. In a large pot or slow cooker (I prefer crockpot) add vegetable broth, beans, entire pot of steel cut oats, sauteed veggies, maple syrup, vanilla extract and coconut oil. Heat on low-medium heat for as long as you want.

  4. Freeze, refrigerate or eat up buttercup.

  5. OH! And the best part, the TOPPINGS! My fave is drizzle of maple syrup and a sprinkle of anti-inflammatory cinnamon.