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Stuffed With Love Peppers

Perfect Wholly meal for lovers and leftovers.

The following may seem like a long "to-do" list for ONE dinner, but once you read through this recipe you will see it will be smooth sailing and well worth the full lovers' bellies or days of left-overs!

Gluten-Free | Vegetarian | Vegan | Dairy Free

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Meatballs of Power

Snack on them or make a meal of them. Preparing one or two loads of this recipe for the freezer is ideal for those rushed or quinoa pasta and meat ball nights.

These balls bring power to your weight loss goals, delicious food factor, and wholly way of life!

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Chickpea Burgers

How To Eat a Chickpea Burger:

a] With your fingers as you rush out the door for your 4th outing of the evening!

b] Cold. Plain. With a side of water. Again, because those days get so GD busy we need to fuel up not fill up!

c] At your family table, on a bed of rice with a drizzle of salsa, goat’s feta, and a little bit of BBQ sauce if you have some homemade or gosh-forbid store bought.

d] In your backyard, with an Ezekiel English muffin for your bun and topped with romaine, pickles,

e] Crumbled up Chickpea Burger Pattie rolled up in an Ezekiel wrap with chopped peppers, onion, pickle, spinach, mustard and salsa.

Gluten Free | Vegetarian

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