[FREE] Fat Burning Treadmill Routine

[FREE] Fat Burning Treadmill Routine


This winter who knows when you’ll wake up to a beautiful white world. I know you cannot rely on the weather to be consistent but here is ONE CONSTANT you can rely on! Get on the treadmill & get jacked this season! OR at the least, glow like you’ve never glown before!

Another smooshed excuse would be time. This FREE program includes short wicked less-than-20-minute-runs, and goes onward to over 60 minute routines! And if you're trying to squeeze in your run before the sun goes down, my silly excuse maker, it doesn’t matter!! You’re safe indoors with your bitch of a ‘mill!

Regardless of where you’re running, or the HUGE goals you have made, the treadmill can get your legs ready for any terrain, any Track Program, or better yet any outfit you want to wear.

For those “I’m so not into this” day, the belt demands an even pace, eliminating the need use more willpower than necessary on those. And I have layed out minute to minute what you are to accomplish … So really, it’s a fat burning, no brainer!

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