Treadmills Are The New Black

Let's thin-ify those thighs!!! 

We don’t want tree trunks below us, but we need solid roots and flexible limbs. This workout on the ‘mill gives us legs for miles and an ass to strut for days!  Try to pump your arms for the last 12 minutes at a 15% incline.  Breathe peacefully and give yourself one hell of an applause for sweating it out.

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Take A Hike Unwanted Jiggles

These 19 minutes are for those unforgiving giggles that sit right below the shelf of our bums.  Knock out these gifted minutes [or if you have time, repeat this cardio session 2 or 3 times] and you will find the definition between where your leg ends and your tush begins! AMEN!

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Sweat, Jump, Burn, Repeat

Well, let's bookmark this bitch ‘cause it is the rainbow’s end!

This is actually a shit show - I mean SWEAT show!!!

I bet I could fit an f-bomb into this workout description but I will save that for you to drop throughout this session.

Smiles to you, you sweet sweet sweet sweater!

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Steady Eddie

Slow and steady wins the race … or the bikini contest judging on healthiest heart! Whatever you are up for!

This hill climb is just as good as an outdoor hike minus the company of the gorgeous Mother Nature.  Pull your socks up and push through this 50-minute climb.  It’s so worth it and sooooo good for you!

PS. This really isn’t that slow … or easy … But no 9 speeds ya know?!

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So Much Swass... Sooo Worth It!

Swass: Excessive sweat coming from the pores of your sweet ass.

What would be a good header for this workout?

Train insane.

Live large.

Love huge.

Sweat sweet fat.

Build beautiful muscle.

Grow gawk-worthy glutes.

… Go into it however you choose. Cause your going to come out of it with a world of confidence and cheeks of steel.

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Slim & Tight Tummy

In addition to consuming glowing GreenBellys daily and giving your digestive system a retreat, this choreographed will give you that tight tummy feeling we all remember, know and love. Fat doesn’t stand a chance during this beast of a workout.

Happy slimming. Happy sweating.

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Sexy Shoulders & Tight Triceps

Ok ok ok … Again with the heavy lifting conversation.  I am telling you right now, it takes years of farming, lifting, strict dieting, and unwholly cupcake eating to create mammoth, “bulky” arms. Even a massive consumption of Popeyes magic spinach will not create the arms of Arnold.

HOWEVER, safety, strength, positioning and control, is something for you to be concerned about.  High knowledge, professional coaching and proper training is just as important as wholly eating education.

Proper form = Positive Results

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Sexiest Shoulders Your Dress Has Ever Seen

Nothing feels better than having a sleeveless top on and waving hysterically at your lover, without a care in the world about what your extra arm skin looks like.

Well ok, let's get over ourselves … There are lots of things in this world that feel a thousand times better than a non-flabby arm.  BUT just for one second imagine the freedom, the outfits, the smile, the extra confidence you have when your arms are tight, fit, strong, and sexy.

Lift safely.

Lift mindfully.

Lift with purpose.

Direct each thought to the outcome you wish to gain from each movement.

And let the sexy vibes begin.

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Scorcher For The Bod

I’m so pumped to give this workout to you! If I choose to sleep in 6 days a week and only wake up at 4am ONCE a week I would choose this one.  It takes care of my triceps, my belly, my tush, my back and my yoga cravings.

The body of your dreams is NOT going to get you the life of your dreams.  But the same focus it takes for those living their dream comes from the same habits it takes to get and maintain the body of your dreams.

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Rise Up To Slim Down

I hope you seriously know, I got your back.  I want you to print out and file away these workouts in your “Make Love To Your Life” folder and use them whenever you want!!  I am a PASSIONISTA for all things healthy ‘n wholly and I want to continue to share my fatless secrets with you, my dear. Smiles to your 40 minute sweat session and XO to you.

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Plain Ol' Cardio Session

This cardio session can be broken down if you don’t have an hour session OR you can just rock it out in one massive, sweaty hour!! Who has time for that? Well I sure as hell know that we have all spent 60 minutes of our day doing a lot worse things. You choose your poison!
Smiles to your sweaty ass!!

EXAMPLE of broken down session:

Treadmill workout 1 = 20 minute session
Treadmill workout 2 = 24 minutes session
Treadmill workout 3 = 6 minutes session

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One Marvellous Ab Session

An ab-olicious stomach is made in the kitchen. I am 1000000% sure of that.  But once you have mastered the wholly eating thang, you want to have a flat, tight, sexy stomach to show off!!

So go ahead and rip your core to shreds with these six effective and intense movements. Aaaaand enjoy getting rid of that unwholly food with the 45 minute cardio session post your marvelous ab session!

PS. Of course, if you need help in the kitchen/eating wholly department I would love to work with you!  [Let me share my wholly secrets with you]

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Nice Bum - Where Ya From?!

Obvi be tres careful with this workout and if you must practice a few times, please do so. But I guarantee when you try it, and get cozy with it, you’ll kill it! 

Watch the videos for a visual of this craziness:

Walking Lunges

Kick Backs

Squat Jumps

30 minutes of a commitment to the treadmill today, every day, is a lifetime commitment to a healthy heart and a gorgeous tush.

P.S. Our homeslice in these videos has lost 20lbs in 60 days. (Yep! Killin’ it!) by simply training and eating easy, with our rockin’ trainer, Becky, and my foodie self, Jillian.

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Long Lean Glamorous Gam Machine

It, sometimes, is the world’s hardest task to set goals knowing how hard you’re going to have to work to accomplish the life you have dreamed of.  I totally, totally get that!! But how unreal does it feel when you’ve reach the halfway point or better yet, when you conquer the goal you’ve once deemed impossible. 

I keep telling you, I’ve got your back. And I do!! I super hope these workouts make things less daunting for you when it comes to your health, and/or sexy body goals.  If I could sweat them out for you I would, but you got it!

You got it, cause you’re going to remember how bad you want your dream life.  You’re going to excuse yourself from all those busy tasks and remember how much easier those tasks are to do post sweat.  You’re going to work hard for that feel good naked feeling.

Obvi, for most of us, a tight ass or flat stomach will not make our dream world magically appear but it sure will give us the confidence & energy need to live a life beyond mediocrity!

Happy sweat session, and keep manifesting high vibes for those huge goals, lover of life!

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