Bye Bye Belly and Ta Ta Loose Thighs

When you’ve got an hour to self-invest, why not spend it sweating and detoxing your body from unwholly pounds!

I can tell you that I soooo would love to sleep in most mornings. But I know its not worth it.

I am honest when I say at least twice a week I do not want to train that day. But I know I gotta get it done or else I will spiral to a month without workouts. Yep has happened!!

I know I am the VERY BEST version of myself when I have sweat that day and ate wholly eats. But I also know what it feels like to just want to wallow in your sorrows and just sit and eat unwholly foods and feel bad for yourself.

I know that being present and healthy is the secret to happiness! As I know EXACTLY what “I will start tomorrow” feels like, looks like and how that ends.

Stop talking yourself into or out of anything! Stay present. Make a plan. Follow the plan. Don’t let the little shitty things change the really little amazing things.

You know you can change your own mind, if you allow that to happen.

Smiles and happy sweating, Sweety!