Cardio For You & Your Heartbeat

Be sure to print out and save our ‘mill sessions for those “I don’t wanna think/run/do this/workout/get-out-of-bed days”

Your body thanks you for giving it a little more love than usual; thanks you for using different positions and patterns of lovin. Nothing like small changes to reconnect your body to your fat loss, sexy body goals!!

This treadmill session can be broken down into 1 or 2 or 3 treadmill sessions OR just rock it out in one massive, sweaty hour [plus 6 minutes]!! As we have said before though, I sure as hell know that we have all spent 66 minutes of our day doing a lot worse things. You set your body love session time!

Treadmill workout 1 = 40 minute session
Treadmill workout 2 = 20 minutes session
Treadmill workout 3 = 6 minutes session