Long Lean Glamorous Gam Machine

It, sometimes, is the world’s hardest task to set goals knowing how hard you’re going to have to work to accomplish the life you have dreamed of.  I totally, totally get that!! But how unreal does it feel when you’ve reach the halfway point or better yet, when you conquer the goal you’ve once deemed impossible. 

I keep telling you, I’ve got your back. And I do!! I super hope these workouts make things less daunting for you when it comes to your health, and/or sexy body goals.  If I could sweat them out for you I would, but you got it!

You got it, cause you’re going to remember how bad you want your dream life.  You’re going to excuse yourself from all those busy tasks and remember how much easier those tasks are to do post sweat.  You’re going to work hard for that feel good naked feeling.

Obvi, for most of us, a tight ass or flat stomach will not make our dream world magically appear but it sure will give us the confidence & energy need to live a life beyond mediocrity!

Happy sweat session, and keep manifesting high vibes for those huge goals, lover of life!