Scorcher For The Bod

I’m so pumped to give this workout to you! If I choose to sleep in 6 days a week and only wake up at 4am ONCE a week I would choose this one.  It takes care of my triceps, my belly, my tush, my back and my yoga cravings.

The body of your dreams is NOT going to get you the life of your dreams.  But the same focus it takes for those living their dream comes from the same habits it takes to get and maintain the body of your dreams.

The consistent focus and natural happenings of a human living their dream:

  • Love

  • Wholly eating

  • Hard work

  • Family

  • Dear friends

  • Laughter

  • Authenticity

  • Daily detox

  • Even harder work

  • Truth

  • Loyalty

  • Daily sweat

  • Honesty

  • Harder work than even harder work

  • Resistance of worry

  • Yoga

  • Incredible expression

All of the above can be achieved, planned, thought of, performed, taken care of, appreciated, and meditated on while performing the sweat session below. Smiles to your dreams.  Never underestimate the juju of hard work and wholly living.