Swollen Glutes Sweaty & Pooped

The worlds most wicked cellulite killer is here.

Yes, growing cellulite is simple. Killing it?! Not so much!

But geeeeeeeez-uz, let me tell you the next 40 minutes of this session is soooooo worth killing!!!

Reasons to bust your ass & kill your cellulite:

  1. Wear tight white pants ANY time of year!

  2. Know your circulation & internal systems are healthy.

  3. Be sarong free ANY time of year!

  4. Release more harmful toxins from your body.

  5. Feel UNREAL naked.

  6. Keep your skin as naturally coloured as possible instead of trying to leather-skin-it-up to hide any pieces of the human body happenings.

  7. Relax as much as humanly possible while getting a massage.

  8. Be damn proud of your self for working as hard as it takes to kill cellulite.

  9. Be even more damn proud of yourself for MAINTAINING the wholly lifestyle it takes to keep the cellulite away!

  10. See the beauty in your body the same way your lover sees your body. [Cause I’m telling you right now … your Lover sees ZERO of what you are over-analyzing!!]