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Treadmills Are The New Black

Let's thin-ify those thighs!!! 

We don’t want tree trunks below us, but we need solid roots and flexible limbs. This workout on the ‘mill gives us legs for miles and an ass to strut for days!  Try to pump your arms for the last 12 minutes at a 15% incline.  Breathe peacefully and give yourself one hell of an applause for sweating it out.

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Take A Hike Unwanted Jiggles

These 19 minutes are for those unforgiving giggles that sit right below the shelf of our bums.  Knock out these gifted minutes [or if you have time, repeat this cardio session 2 or 3 times] and you will find the definition between where your leg ends and your tush begins! AMEN!

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Steady Eddie

Slow and steady wins the race … or the bikini contest judging on healthiest heart! Whatever you are up for!

This hill climb is just as good as an outdoor hike minus the company of the gorgeous Mother Nature.  Pull your socks up and push through this 50-minute climb.  It’s so worth it and sooooo good for you!

PS. This really isn’t that slow … or easy … But no 9 speeds ya know?!

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Rise Up To Slim Down

I hope you seriously know, I got your back.  I want you to print out and file away these workouts in your “Make Love To Your Life” folder and use them whenever you want!!  I am a PASSIONISTA for all things healthy ‘n wholly and I want to continue to share my fatless secrets with you, my dear. Smiles to your 40 minute sweat session and XO to you.

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Plain Ol' Cardio Session

This cardio session can be broken down if you don’t have an hour session OR you can just rock it out in one massive, sweaty hour!! Who has time for that? Well I sure as hell know that we have all spent 60 minutes of our day doing a lot worse things. You choose your poison!
Smiles to your sweaty ass!!

EXAMPLE of broken down session:

Treadmill workout 1 = 20 minute session
Treadmill workout 2 = 24 minutes session
Treadmill workout 3 = 6 minutes session

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Nice Bum - Where Ya From?!

Obvi be tres careful with this workout and if you must practice a few times, please do so. But I guarantee when you try it, and get cozy with it, you’ll kill it! 

Watch the videos for a visual of this craziness:

Walking Lunges

Kick Backs

Squat Jumps

30 minutes of a commitment to the treadmill today, every day, is a lifetime commitment to a healthy heart and a gorgeous tush.

P.S. Our homeslice in these videos has lost 20lbs in 60 days. (Yep! Killin’ it!) by simply training and eating easy, with our rockin’ trainer, Becky, and my foodie self, Jillian.

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Hills On The 'Mill

“No, I don’t want tight, round bum”. Said nobody, ever!

32.5 minutes to create a tush I, myself, adore.

The first 11 minutes gear up your hamstrings for some bigger strides to come. The next 4 minutes of hill sprints gives your booty a beat to bounce to. The second set of flat sprints, builds lean quad muscles and fatless hamstrings.

Finally, to top off the Hills on the ‘Mill, the last 5.5 sweaty minutes remind you that breathing is a gift! Be patient with your breath and get in touch with your abilities. I bet you can turn these minutes into hours of smiles and seconds of self-doubt.

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Gradual Pace To The Perfect Ace

Ready. Set. GLOW! This session proves what goes up, must come down.  MINUS your plump tush and sculpted quads!

Lots to change on the ‘mills control panel, so the minutes fly by. Remember my Love, if you have 50 minutes to self-invest today double this cardio program.

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Excuses Happen To Those Not Doing This Free Workout

What is the point of me giving you free cardio workouts?


Please take these workouts I gift you to recognize that even when a scientifically choreographed free workout is given to you, excuses seem to wiggle their way into your day, mind, mood and spirit.  Drop the excuses and fat like they’re hot!!! Make love to your life like it’s an opportunity, not an accident. Oh, and of course, enjoy this bitch of a workout.

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Cardio For You & Your Heartbeat

Be sure to print out and save our ‘mill sessions for those “I don’t wanna think/run/do this/workout/get-out-of-bed days”

Your body thanks you for giving it a little more love than usual; thanks you for using different positions and patterns of lovin. Nothing like small changes to reconnect your body to your fat loss, sexy body goals!!

This treadmill session can be broken down into 1 or 2 or 3 treadmill sessions OR just rock it out in one massive, sweaty hour [plus 6 minutes]!! As we have said before though, I sure as hell know that we have all spent 66 minutes of our day doing a lot worse things. You set your body love session time!

Treadmill workout 1 = 40 minute session
Treadmill workout 2 = 20 minutes session
Treadmill workout 3 = 6 minutes session

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Blast [Fat] Off!!!

This is a quick and painless [or at least worth it!] 18-minute fat burner. 

Remember that if you are unable to get up to 8 or 9 pace, run at a speed that resonates with you!! DO NOT just get off and give up! Get on it and rip it up!! 

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Baby Got Back...wards

First things first: Wrap your right arm across to your left shoulder, wrap your left arm across your right shoulder, and SQUEEEEEEZE. 

I love you for treating yourself so well with my cardio program and you can be as equally in love with yourself for attempting it LET ALONE completing it!!!!

Have fun with this thigh burner … Or shall I say, good luck!!!

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30 Minute Rise

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, lets take 2% of your day to RISE UP to this tush building workout!!! This bad-boy can be performed anywhere [at the gym or anywhere else].

We’ll start off nice and slow at a small incline and pound it out until we are at the TOP & then, you bet your BREATHTAKING butt, there is a repeat… ok ok not A repeat … maybe 5!


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30 Minute Cardio Burn

For 30 minutes of your day I am asking you to dig deep and drive through each second.

The timing of this workout may seem confusing but here is the method to the madness: The more confused your body is as to what speed is next, the quicker the results will show in the mirror!!

Enjoy the short 30 seconds at an effort of 1 … and drive through the legs and gorgeous GLUTES during the more intense effort intervals!!

GO GO GO GO GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Remember, its literally 30 minutes out of 1440 in this blessed day!

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