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Sweat, Jump, Burn, Repeat

Well, let's bookmark this bitch ‘cause it is the rainbow’s end!

This is actually a shit show - I mean SWEAT show!!!

I bet I could fit an f-bomb into this workout description but I will save that for you to drop throughout this session.

Smiles to you, you sweet sweet sweet sweater!

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So Much Swass... Sooo Worth It!

Swass: Excessive sweat coming from the pores of your sweet ass.

What would be a good header for this workout?

Train insane.

Live large.

Love huge.

Sweat sweet fat.

Build beautiful muscle.

Grow gawk-worthy glutes.

… Go into it however you choose. Cause your going to come out of it with a world of confidence and cheeks of steel.

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Long Lean Glamorous Gam Machine

It, sometimes, is the world’s hardest task to set goals knowing how hard you’re going to have to work to accomplish the life you have dreamed of.  I totally, totally get that!! But how unreal does it feel when you’ve reach the halfway point or better yet, when you conquer the goal you’ve once deemed impossible. 

I keep telling you, I’ve got your back. And I do!! I super hope these workouts make things less daunting for you when it comes to your health, and/or sexy body goals.  If I could sweat them out for you I would, but you got it!

You got it, cause you’re going to remember how bad you want your dream life.  You’re going to excuse yourself from all those busy tasks and remember how much easier those tasks are to do post sweat.  You’re going to work hard for that feel good naked feeling.

Obvi, for most of us, a tight ass or flat stomach will not make our dream world magically appear but it sure will give us the confidence & energy need to live a life beyond mediocrity!

Happy sweat session, and keep manifesting high vibes for those huge goals, lover of life!

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Heavy = Tight

Bitches be like “I gain muscle really fast so I don’t need to lift weights”.

Sexy body bitches be like “I squatted 150lbs today and am the tiniest I’ve ever been!”

This choreography is focused on heavy weights with high reps. This is not an everyday necessity. It’s a good change and a great challenge to see how heavy you can really go when you only have 8-10 reps for another workout!

Keep the core tight always.

Breathe out at the toughest part of the exercise.

Give yourself a pat on the ass for completing this toughy & reward your self with wholly eats the rest of the week!

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Glut-iful Ass Creator

Maximizing your glut-iful ass, one sweat session at a time.   

We must lift weights to lift our butts.  We must do workouts that are choreographed specifically for our health by a professional. ENTER ME, Jillian Raycroft.  I have tried every diet, every workout routine, every 3 hours of cardio a day program, and FINALLY after educating myself, I discovered what REALLY works and what really produces RESULTS.  And this workout is one of my discoveries. I am so happy to share my secrets with my community and even more elated to elevate your ass!

Smiles with some Xs and Os

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High fives to you for rockin’ out this workout!

Add dumbbells or a weighted bar to the exercises labeled “Yes”.  NEVER let your form suffer and NEVER let the words “I don’t lift heavy because I don’t want to bulk up” come out of your mouth ever again.

Add what you can when it comes to weights, and thank you for taking the time to self-invest!! The better you are, the better we all are!!! #truth #love #smiles

If you have 15lbs you’re determined to loose:

  1. Eat wholly

  2. Learn what works best for you, you unique beauty you!

  3. Complete this workout 15 times within the next 30 days followed by a next day cardio session.

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Fat Destruction

Half hour made available. Check.

Music. Check.

Little bit of fat. Check.

Goal to make love to your body. Check.

Jillian’s got your back. Check. Check. CHECK.

Where I say “stairs” you can skip or use a hill.

Where I say “sprint” you can also use skipping rope.

Complete this workout outside on a flat path, on your city’s biggest hill, on any piece of cardio equipment available to you, or in your house and yard.

No excuses. Check.

Smiles to your sweat!

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Bye Bye Belly and Ta Ta Loose Thighs

When you’ve got an hour to self-invest, why not spend it sweating and detoxing your body from unwholly pounds!

I can tell you that I soooo would love to sleep in most mornings. But I know its not worth it.

I am honest when I say at least twice a week I do not want to train that day. But I know I gotta get it done or else I will spiral to a month without workouts. Yep has happened!!

I know I am the VERY BEST version of myself when I have sweat that day and ate wholly eats. But I also know what it feels like to just want to wallow in your sorrows and just sit and eat unwholly foods and feel bad for yourself.

I know that being present and healthy is the secret to happiness! As I know EXACTLY what “I will start tomorrow” feels like, looks like and how that ends.

Stop talking yourself into or out of anything! Stay present. Make a plan. Follow the plan. Don’t let the little shitty things change the really little amazing things.

You know you can change your own mind, if you allow that to happen.

Smiles and happy sweating, Sweety!

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Build A Shelf and Burn the Jiggle

This choreography of plyo-metrics marinated with sprints will burn your quads like a son-of-a!!!  Transfer the burn from your quads to your gluteus maximus & turn your grit to a grin once you’ve completed this bum-building, thigh thinning workout!

There are no added weights needed for this sweat session to end in sexy results & can be performed anywhere!

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Ass and Thigh Burn

So you think sitting is easy? Wait 'til tomorrow!

Want to feel the BURN = go heavy or go home! WELL, DON’T GO HOME. Just do as I say: go heavy and do the damn thang!

To start, we are targeting the inner thighs.

Next, we pair your new slim inner thighs with an exquisite bum lift.

Thirdly, we lengthen our hammies.

Finally, who doesn’t love a lunge scissor jump to burn away any fat that even dares to stick around!

Thank you for making love to your body!

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