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Scorcher For The Bod

I’m so pumped to give this workout to you! If I choose to sleep in 6 days a week and only wake up at 4am ONCE a week I would choose this one.  It takes care of my triceps, my belly, my tush, my back and my yoga cravings.

The body of your dreams is NOT going to get you the life of your dreams.  But the same focus it takes for those living their dream comes from the same habits it takes to get and maintain the body of your dreams.

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I'm Gonna Crush Yas With This One

Burn fat like crazy with this unconventional workout. Any kind of cardio training is better than no cardio training, but this one is pretty wicked for those stubborn fatty deposits. It’s also pretty wicked for trimming your waist line, thinning your thighs, increasing the health of your heart, getting you motivated to eat wholly, and sweating out the body's toxins.

If you only have 20 minutes, rock this out and get on with your day! If you have 45 minutes to self-invest, double it up! If you are finding it way too easy, just add more weights to the exercises labelled “yes”.

Happy training to you and…you’re welcome!

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Hot Sweaty Mess

I don’t even know what to say about this workout … She’s a ball buster!

And yes after repeating the top 9 exercises, the 20 minutes of cardio is clutch!

Do it. Drink water. Smile. Thank me when you love yourself naked.

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High Reps = Low Fat

Drink loads of water daily.

Worrying doesn’t exist without you.

Results will happen.

This sweat session will feel unreal.

Your body will thank you.

I’ve got your back.

Eat wholly.

Love fully.

Hashtag #makelovetoyourlife on your next post.

Join our community.

Crush this workout.

Yes = add weights using your discretion.


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Heavy = Skinny

You want lift in your tush?! You better lift some heavy weights then, my friend!!!  Not only does a build up bubble butt look good in a tight mini or your boyfriend jeans - that kind of tush helps improve your posture, creates stronger core, decreases back pain, and gives you more power!

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Body Bliss

If this is the first workout you’ve done of mine, WELCOME! If this is one of many workouts we have done “together”...hello again and daaaamn you’re lookin’ good!!!

Enjoy this choreography of Body Love!! I am obsessed with you getting results, so get at it!!! And know I am super jacked for you, so much so that I would hug your sweaty self if I could.  Also, a lovers reminder, that this awesome recipe for a fatless bod can be done indoors, outdoors, in a basement, at the gym, on a beach or in the snow! [Love notes on this program given for an outdoor session specifically]

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