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Slim & Tight Tummy

In addition to consuming glowing GreenBellys daily and giving your digestive system a retreat, this choreographed will give you that tight tummy feeling we all remember, know and love. Fat doesn’t stand a chance during this beast of a workout.

Happy slimming. Happy sweating.

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Sexy Shoulders & Tight Triceps

Ok ok ok … Again with the heavy lifting conversation.  I am telling you right now, it takes years of farming, lifting, strict dieting, and unwholly cupcake eating to create mammoth, “bulky” arms. Even a massive consumption of Popeyes magic spinach will not create the arms of Arnold.

HOWEVER, safety, strength, positioning and control, is something for you to be concerned about.  High knowledge, professional coaching and proper training is just as important as wholly eating education.

Proper form = Positive Results

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Sexiest Shoulders Your Dress Has Ever Seen

Nothing feels better than having a sleeveless top on and waving hysterically at your lover, without a care in the world about what your extra arm skin looks like.

Well ok, let's get over ourselves … There are lots of things in this world that feel a thousand times better than a non-flabby arm.  BUT just for one second imagine the freedom, the outfits, the smile, the extra confidence you have when your arms are tight, fit, strong, and sexy.

Lift safely.

Lift mindfully.

Lift with purpose.

Direct each thought to the outcome you wish to gain from each movement.

And let the sexy vibes begin.

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One Marvellous Ab Session

An ab-olicious stomach is made in the kitchen. I am 1000000% sure of that.  But once you have mastered the wholly eating thang, you want to have a flat, tight, sexy stomach to show off!!

So go ahead and rip your core to shreds with these six effective and intense movements. Aaaaand enjoy getting rid of that unwholly food with the 45 minute cardio session post your marvelous ab session!

PS. Of course, if you need help in the kitchen/eating wholly department I would love to work with you!  [Let me share my wholly secrets with you]

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