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21 Ass-Lifting Fat-Burning Minutes on the 'Mill

For 30 minutes of your day, I am asking you to dig deep and drive through each second.

The timing of this workout may seem confusing but here is the method to the madness: The more confused your body is as to what speed is next, the quicker the results will show in the mirror!!

Enjoy the short 30 seconds at an effort of 1 … and drive through the legs and gorgeous GLUTES during the more intense effort intervals!!

GO GO GO GO GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Remember, its literally 30 minutes out of 1440 in this blessed day.

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15 Minutes of Flab-U-Less Sweat Time

* Please note that if the treadmill does not agree with your body, you can use these choreographed cardio plans for the elliptical, spin bike, stairs at home, stepper or the salty snow-covered sidewalks!

Be sure that you absolutely FINISH each 20-second sprint! If you add a few more seconds onto the “jump off to sides” time slots, WHO CARES?!

Just be sure to finish the 6 sprints eventually! Then jog it out for the two minutes following the 6th and last 20-second rest, then walk,’re welcome.

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12 for 12

Short n’ sweet!! 

I looooove the length of this cardio session! Leaves ya time for 20 more minutes of cardio, quick heavy lifting, or some plain ol’ time to shower sans rushing!  

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